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Certifications & Qualifications

Four Alarm prides it self on A+ service and industry knowledge.  All of our technicians are certified and qualified to conduct the inspections and work that each performs.  Be confident that you are meeting your fire code responsibilities by having certified technicians complete your work today.  More information is available from our office.

City of Calgary Reporting Requirements

Here is some important information that can resolve some questions relating to inspections and requirements of all fire and safety companies operating within the City of Calgary to report all deficient fire and safety systems.

Please note that the City of Calgary has a MAXIMUM of a TEN (10) day allowace for reporting issues with fire and safety systems within the City of Calgary.  Service companies, technicians, and clients can face penalties and fines for failure to report, repair or maintain a system.

Four Alarm Fire Services – General FAQ

1. What types of payment do you accept?

We accept the traditional forms of payment such as :

  • Cash / Debit
  • MasterCard / Visa
  • Cheque
  • Interac E-Transfer
  • Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT)

We also accept CryptoCurrency as payment as well including currently:

  • Bitcoin (BTC)
  • Ethereum (ETH)
  • Litecoin (LTC)

If you wish to see other coins or forms of payment accepted please contact our office.

2. Do I have to be present during the service to provide payment?

No, customers can provide us with either a Credit Application or you can provide a Pre-authorized Payment form. This will allow us to process card payments without you being present.  We can also accept payments on-site as well.

3. Can we pay later (have credit) for services?

Yes, all customers can set-up credit accounts. All you need to do is fill out our General Credit Application

4. How do I set-up a service call?

Call (403)295-8707 or (833)390-1021 (Toll Free Canada & USA) and talk to our helpful courteous office staff or you can email us at [email protected]

5. Do you provide 24 Hour service?

Four Alarm has staff taking care of all your needs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our staff of Fire Alarm, Sprinkler and extinguisher technicians can service you evenings, weekends and holidays to take care of any emergency or need.

6. Can you give me information on how to get started with my project?

Contact our office or go to our Quotes Page and we can get you started on any project… from a tenant revision, new construction or just a curious question we can help you out and get you in compliance quickly and efficiently.  Our construction crew can complete projects from simple equipment installs, tenant improvements to whole buildings and industrial parks.

7. What types of services do you provide?

8. Do you sub-contract work out?

No!!! Part of the advantage of using us is the fact we provide all services internally. If we offer the service…WE DO ALL THE SERVICE!!

9. Can you certify fire extinguishers for businesses?

Yes, our technicians and shop are fully certified to maintain your fire extinguishers for compliance with National Fire Code – Alberta Edition (NFC-AE), NFPA 10 (National Fire Protection Association) and local all requirements.

10. How often must I maintain my fire extinguisher?

COMMERCIAL / INDUSTRIAL PROPERTIES – These extinguishers MUST be serviced and certified once a year by a qualified service company like Four Alarm according to requirements in Alberta. As always follow all manufacture recommendations for service.

RESIDENTIAL PROPERTIES – These extinguishers are not required to be serviced as per the code, but Four Alarm does HIGHLY recommend that these extinguishers get serviced annually as well to ensure proper operation. As always follow all manufacture recommendations for service.  Residences that house foster children or care for disabled adults do have a requirement to have extinguishers and other safety equipment.

Check HERE for more maintenance options.

11. I own a business, what is the minimum size extinguisher I can have?

National Fire Code – Alberta Edition (NFC-AE) requires that any commercial location in the province use a extinguisher that has a MINIMUM rating of 2A!

This typically means that unless you have a specialized extinguisher, a FIVE (5 lb) pound cylinder is the smallest that can be used in a commercial establishment.  A extinguishers rating can be found on its label and is typically in a format such as 3A : 40-B,C.  This would be a typical rating for our 5.5lb ABC dry chemical units.

There units must be hung from the wall or installed in cabinets.  Typical mounting height is 4″ (10 cm) minimum from the floor to the bottom of the cyclinder or 48″ (122 cm) maximum from the floor to the top of the unit.  This allows everyone to be able to remove the unit from the bracket and safely use the unit.  Four Alarm also recommend if mounting in dry-wall to mount the bracket directly to a stud in the wall and not to us plastic insert plugs.

12. Can you service plastic head extinguishers?

No!! The Province of Alberta does not allow extinguisher shops to service plastic topped units, and many manufacture do not provide the proper tools to do so.  As well there is a high chance of damaging the head on removal and this creates an issue once put back under pressure.

We recommend purchasing a servicable extinguisher unit HERE or going to a local store and buying a metal topped unit.

13. Do you service fire extinguishers?

Yes!! We service ALL makes and models of extinguishers. Our fully stocked and certified shop can take care of all your servicing and certification needs. We also can provide brackets and various other specialized parts.

You can head to our online shop to check out more HERE

14. Do you install / service / inspect fire alarms?

Yes!! We can service, install, update and renovate all makes and models of fire alarm systems.   New construction to changes and tenant improvements, Four Alarm has all your need covered under one roof.  Maple Armor, Mircom, Fire-Lite, Notifier, Siemens, Simplex, Edwards / EST…. any brand and model.  We are capable of taking care of ANY fire alarm needs.

15. Do you service residential customers?

Yes!! Our services can be used with residences of any and all types. We are fully staffed to take care of any installation or maintenance needs including mother-in-law suites, furnace rooms or garages.

16. Can you install or maintain 120V (3 Wire) fire alarm systems?

Yes!! With thousands of these systems still in use across our country they are very common.  Four Alarm has all of the expertise to professionally service and maintain these systems.  Have a need for a minor update or change?  We have you covered there as well.  Our on staff electricians can complete all of those changes for you quickly and you can be assured that work is done correctly and it works!  As well future code updates occur they will provide requirements for removal of these systems.  They have limited abilities and suffer from major disadvantages that actual fire alarm system do not have.  Contact our sales people about upgrading your 3-wire system today!

17. Do we rent equipment?

Yes!!  Four Alarm currently rents all sizes of ABC dry chemicals units as well as 6L ‘K’ Class units.  If you have an event or limited need for a fire extinguisher we have units that can keep you compliant and keep your budgets save as well.

18. What are your typical working hours?

Monday to Friday, 08:00 hrs. to 16:30 hrs (MOUNTAIN)

Emergency service and telephone assistance (charges may apply) are available 24/7

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