Peace of Mind

Four Alarm Fire Services is at your side, giving you peace of mind. If it’s a late-night sprinkler break in the middle of winter, tenant revision, small modification or a full construction project, we take care of your every need. From a small single commercial unit or condo project to warehouses and industrial installations, our fully-qualified sprinkler fitters are on the job keeping you systems operational and construction on time.

Design and Installation

sprinkler-drawings-150wOur in-house designers can layout your project and provide both paper and electronic DWG-format files for future needs. We have you covered from start to finish on all your projects.

Inspection, Repair and Maintenance:

sprinkler-head-150wFour Alarm Fire Services works on the full range of sprinkler systems from deluge and wet systems, to dry and pre-action systems. Your systems are scrutinized during annual inspections to full NFPA (National Fire Protection Association) and AFC (Alberta Fire Code) rules and regulations. Not only can we inspect your systems but our technicians can also complete any backflow prevention inspection, installation and repairs as well. We can take care of any system deficiencies or issues and our reporting helps keep you informed about your systems. This information and peace of mind allows you to make informed educated decisions to keep your sprinklers in peek condition in case the horrible event arises that you are in need of a system to operate. If it happens, feel comfort and peace knowing Four Alarm Fire Services is on the job. Any type of system, any installation, maintenance or repair need Four Alarm Fire Services has you covered.

Residential Fire Sprinkler Systems

Four Alarm Fire Services has experience with all your residential needs. From a simple backflow preventer installation, maintenance, or repair, to a furnace room sprinkler system, multi-car garage or even full home protectio, we can take care of you.

Everything from Permits to Warranty Installations

Our designers can provide you with all you need for city permitting approvals. We can get your basement suite, home, garage or other room or structure protected, quickly and cost effectively to get you running protected and safely. Knowing if the need arises Four Alarm Fire Services has installed a system that can meet your needs and protect what matters to you most. Our installations also are covered by a 1-year warranty against defects in workmanship so you know the work is done right.